How "It" All Gets Done - Timberline Team Consulting
Timberline Team Consulting provides businesses with advising for marketing programs, brand management, and strategy implementation. Dave Grout founded Timberline Team in 2005. Since 2005 the company has consulted with various non-profits, churches, schools, and more.
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How “It” All Gets Done

Timberline Team Consulting is here to help you find the path to achieving your goals, and see how the details make up the big picture. Often this takes dedication and an understanding of “core of your culture”. This is when the hiking shoes hits the trail!


The following are the core values you will experience when working with each of our team members. They are the essentials on how we work, interact, and serve you. Our clients appreciate these values because they provide the framework for open conversation and true partnership.

Core Pillars of Engagement

Umbrella of Grace – Knowing that the other person is doing their best all the time. If a mistake happens; it is not due to lack of effort or because they “dropped the ball,” but rather a changing landscape. This is how we view people and situations – extending grace with humility to believe in our co-workers and the organizations we work with.


Rigorously Honest – It is being dedicated to speaking the truth, while respecting the other person’s professionalism. We call things out without personal agenda, motive or ill-will. It is dedication to getting a project done by always addressing issues, situations, and difficulties because of what is being accomplished or completed. Discomfort is sometimes part of the process of knowing that the larger agenda is of utmost importance.


Cover the Base – We do our most work on what is required first and what generates the income. We will do whatever it takes – long hours, focused dedication, sacrifice, and commitment to the project – in order to get the priority jobs done. Only then we will seek new opportunities, innovation, and service to others as tenaciously as possible.


Bend your Knees, Lift Together – We are not independent workers who have their part to accomplish. We are soccer players who work together to advance the ball. No one can do a job by themselves – they need organizational, philosophical and emotional support to get a total project done. This mindset requires, demands and expects us to lock arms together to lift large projects and situations. We also know that it take humility before others to truly accomplish amazing things.