Partner in Process - Timberline Team Consulting
Timberline Team Consulting provides businesses with advising for marketing programs, brand management, and strategy implementation. Dave Grout founded Timberline Team in 2005. Since 2005 the company has consulted with various non-profits, churches, schools, and more.
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Partner in Process

Let’s face it, getting to where you want to be requires not only effort, but the “smarts” to get there. Often, clients have all the pieces to get the job done, but are unable to figure out the right processes necessary for successful execution. Timberline Team is passionate about working with you to put the right choices in the right order.


That’s where partnering with you comes in. You often see the trees, know where the boulders are, and have been walking in the woods for an extended time. These obstacles could be broken leadership, crumbling culture, improper tools or clouded vision. You just need assistance to put the right steps in the correct order to move forward to the final destination.


Our team – helps your team identify the steps, the trees to be concerned about and the boulders to avoid. From that point, we walk with you to produce the products and “maps” you need to move forward. That could be a billboard, a brochure, a video, a photo shoot, creative content, a web site, or even a system to identify your return on your investment.


Whatever the case – We have an award-winning team that partners with you in the process.